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Vote ONLY for Ellie Kassner - 3 Candidates : 2 Seats : 1 Vote

Updated: Oct 28

So, if you made it here you want to see how the numbers work.

It's a bit confusing, so bear with me...

Starting with the basics, there are 3 candidates, running for 2 Town Council seats. The 2 candidates that earn the most votes win. >>>

Here come the math problems :

Importantly, you can see the language on the ballot, and while you have the option to vote for two candidates, "Vote for up to two", you are well within your rights to only vote for one candidate.

So, here I am, humbly asking for you not just to go out and vote, but to choose to only vote for me.

Because the odds are stacked against us, if we win, we'll know our votes really counted, and our voices were truly heard.

Thanks for your commitment and help. And if you have questions about the above math, feel free to reach out! You can also do a bit more research here.

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