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The Hudson River & Environmentalism

We are lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I love the Hudson River Valley and have gone to great lengths to protect it over the years. Personally, I have been involved with the Keep Rockland Beautiful Clean Up Days and served as a watchdog for Riverkeeper, helping report and manage a significant river clean up after Super Storm Sandy in 2012.

As a Town Council Member, I would absolutely continue pushing for environmentally sustainable decisions, especially when they would save local citizens money. One such presentation, that the current Town Board won't even allow to be presented, is from Rockland Community Power. Enrollment in this program would opt residents into sustainable solar energy, and save citizens money! Citizens can opt out if they feel strongly about staying with a traditional fossil fuel plan. Our neighbors Clarkstown, Grandview-on-Hudson, Haverstraw, Nyack, Orangetown, Piermont, Suffern, Upper Nyack and West Haverstraw have been using this program for years and rave about it!

For more information sign this petition asking the board to allow a presentation at a town board meeting.

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