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Updated: Aug 7

Stony Point and Tomkins Cove are absolutely beautiful river towns. We should have more space to celebrate that. And, our town council should be working to expand our river resources, rather than working to zone our valuable waterfront for large scale development projects or industrial uses.

As I mention in my local businesses post, so many of us drive to Nyack, Cold Spring or other river towns just to be able to walk down a Main Street, or shop in a localized area. We can have more than just strip malls and the bare essentials. Instead of trying to attract the large, industrial companies of yesteryear, a vote for me is a vote to look towards the future of Stony Point.

It's important for you to know that my house and business were significantly affected by the July 2023 storm that hit our town. As we look to a sustainable future, and decisions that can be made to protect our environment, I have a personal interest, as many Stony Pointers do, in making the best decisions for our town.

Lastly, I sit on the Rockland Riverfronts Community Council, to hear from other river towns, and update them on our events and happenings. Before being appointed in 2023, the Stony Point seat had remained vacant for years. Our Town Council should be actively sitting on these additional boards, or appointing a representative, so that we can learn from our neighboring towns and help create the community we want to carve out.

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