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Updated: Oct 17

In May 2022, the Town of Stony Point Town Council engaged a Memorandum of Understanding with Hudson Park LLC to allow them exclusive rights to develop the Letchworth property. ( May 10, 2022 Presentation ) In November, the 70% of Stony Point voters that went to the polls rejected the Proposition.

The proposition on the ballot would've allowed the Town Council to negotiate the sale, and sell the property without any further public input - something that most of us were uncomfortable with.

I was the only candidate that came out against the Hudson Park Development.

The Town Board keeps bringing Stony Pointers development projects that we are against.

(And this is a pattern : Eagle Bay, BaMar Overdevelopment, Hudson Park, etc.)

The only way to get projects that we are for, is to elect new people to the Town Board.

One reason for this repetitive cycle is that our Land Use Plan is over 28 years old! According to Rockland County Planning officials, that is extremely outdated. Even our own Planning Board has referenced it's virtual uselessness in their meetings!

I want to point out that every year we have to fight projects, is another year our town is stagnating, and not serving us. Every year that goes by is another year we are not taking steps forward, shaping the town we want to live in.

Join me in working towards projects that we actually want in our hometown.

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