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Updated: Aug 7

Situated next to the historic Stony Point Battlefield and the Hudson River waterfront, two large developments are underway after receiving approval by the Stony Point Town Board. Both developments are accommodating significantly more units than were recommended by Rockland County planning experts. The Eagle Bay project received the green light from the Stony Point Town Board despite significant public outcry against the project. The Rockland County Department of Planning also recommended major changes to the project, due to the inclusion of irresponsible zoning decisions, counting Hudson River wetland acreage to the project to increase developers profits.

While I stand for the future of Stony Point, I do not believe that high density housing is what the majority of our taxpaying residents truly want. If elected to the Stony Point Town Council, I will push for the creation of an updated Landuse Plan from this century, and will advocate against proposing opaque zoning changes without transparent communication with citizens.

The Eagle Bay project is currently on hold as the CSX traintracks go through the property, and CSX has not approved the project. In the meantime, the houses of Stony Pointers who have resided in the Marina District of Stony Point on Jackson Avenue, Lincoln Oval, Farley Road and more, have had their river views obstructed by a large mound of dirt for years now. When I went door-to-door to introduce myself to the people in the neighborhood, almost all residents I spoke with brought up this eyesore and issue.

The Stony Point Town Board should be serving Stony Pointers, not wealthy developers.

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