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Creativity & Small Businesses

On my campaign literature and signs around town, you might have seen the phrase "For the Future of Stony Point." Let me explain about what that means to me.

As you know, I grew up here, too. I love this town and what it's offered me. I am raising my family here. My small business is located in town.

But as much as I love this town, I think we can be more. We can offer more to Stony Pointers. I think the best future for our town is to work to create spaces for small businesses to call Stony Point home. This would allow us to have a diversified tax base, with businesses we can support in our hometown. So many of us drive to Nyack, Cold Spring or other river towns just to be able to walk down a Main Street, or shop in a localized area. We can have more than just strip malls and the bare essentials. Instead of trying to attract the large, industrial companies of yesteryear, a vote for me is a vote to look towards the future of Stony Point. A vote for me is a vote for small businesses, and the creation of a true local economy in our town.

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