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Stony Pointers &

Tomkins Covies

deserve leaders

that will listen, and

and will carve a

better future for

our town.

Support Ellie Kassner for Stony Point Town Council.

The Issues

Civil Communication

For our town to be at it's best, we need to be able to talk to each other with respect and listen with understanding.

Conscientious Zoning

We want to welcome new neighbors to our community, and retain our hometown charm.

Encourage Businesses & 
Reduce Taxes

Supporting businesses in our town helps us feel a sense of community, and increases our tax base. 

Updated Public Spaces

Now more than ever, we need park and public spaces to come together in Stony Point. 

Innovative Solutions

We need to implement forward-thinking solutions to the issues our town faces, for a sustainable future.

Protecting our Environment

Our waterfront, battlefield and park lands are the best parts of our town. Let's make them even better.

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